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Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 4-Ch. 4 - The Marketing Environment

      Johnson and Johnson, since 1886-2011(125 years) is a company of enduring strength. Johnson and Johnson never fail to captivate anyone or their consumers. J n J focus is to be more and more productive and providing the essential care needed to expect from their people and everyone around the world. Unlike any other companies out there, such as Nike, McDonalds and so on; generally focus on a specific age group or catch certain age citizen’s attention. Nevertheless, Johnson and Johnson does not just focus on a generations Y or generation X, it targets all Generations Y, X, Tweens and Baby Boomers. In other words, their focus is broadly human health and stability. Their products can range from very affordable to expensive but of course Johnson and Johnson makes sure that all of their medication products being provided to their people. Whether it is Medicaid, Medicare, or life insurance, Johnson and Johnson makes sure and are negotiable to all sorts of insurance providers and supporting the medication needs for the people. Whether you are a Hispanic, Black, Asian, or Caucasian, Johnson and Johnson makes sure YOU and ALL are healthy and moving.
     "People and values are Johnson & Johnson’s greatest assets. We know that every invention, every product, and every breakthrough we’ve brought to human health and well-being has been powered by people. Our people strive to make a difference. We believe the shared values embodied in Our Credo help us attract and keep the most talented values-driven people in the world."- Johnson brothers.

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