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Monday, May 9, 2011


Ch. 7 - Business Marketing

           As any other small to large companies, Johnson and Johnson is well founded in business marketing. For example, you can find Dell to IBM computers in most of all schools and colleges. Business marketing is defined as "the marketing of goods and services to individuals and organizations for purposes other than personal consumption". Johnson and Johnson unites with all pharmaceutic places, hospitals and any human care companies or facilities. All these companies unite and create a "Strategic Alliance", which is basically a cooperative agreement between business firms. As I have mentioned, Johnson and Johnson has recently joined with Synthes, a global manufacture of orthopedic device; another good example of what is called Business Marketing. 


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ch. 8 - Segmenting and Targeting Markets

Johnson and Johnson, as we all know its a human care for the world. JnJ's market segmentation has become a total complete market champion. Johnson and Johnson very first products were first aid kits and antiseptic and now producing and targeting all sorts of markets with a wide range of products for all sorts of care. Johnson and Johnson has and is joining forces to target other markets. Recently JnJ has joined with Synthes, a global manufacture of orthopedic devices. Johnson and Johnson has also dominated the global segmentation and demographic segmentation as well.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ch. 11 - Developing and Managing Products

   "New products are important to sustain growth, increase revenues and profits, and replace obsolete items."


For every new product that Johnson and Johnson has brought and made, it gave them a sustainable amount of profits and growth. As any other big or small companies, they all have their ways of managing and developing their products. Johnson and Johnson improves or enhances their products by simply listening to their customers  and their pharmaceutical consumers. For example, they use both new prodcut strategy and product development for Clartin. Consumers wanted and needed a fast acting allergy relief medication that will help them with their day without being stopped by allergies; so they created a variety of Clartin. Clartin-Non Drowsy, Clartin-24 hours, and Clartin- Allergy and Congestion fast relief. Of course this was all done by the process of brainstorming their product strategy and development. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ch. 16 -Integrated Marketing Communications

     Johnson and Johnson has been successful since day one. Their main goal was and yet to this day, is human care around the word. After caring for human care, JnJ  target market were new born child's. JnJ promotes their baby care products by simply advertising their products through images, commercials, and displaying images or videos of infants; targeting parents. Who wouldnt want the best care or care products for their new born? JnJ pack promotional mix-combination of promotional tools such as advertising, personal selling, and sales promotion.
Their publicity is simply best put and said on their Credo:
 and not to mention, Johnson and Johnson has reach their Mass Communication by targeting their global market!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ch. 10 - Product Concepts


         Johnson and Johnson has a substantial amount of human health care products; all targeting all markets of any age. Because of that, Johnson and Johnson has not only become a family brand but a global brand as well and brand loyalty company. They follow the whole concept of "planned obsolescence", where they modify every each and one of their products to become obsolete before they need replacement. The way Johnson and Johnson package their products are set in two ways. One, persuasive labeling, where they focus on the theme and promotional part of the product. Second, informational labeling, where they provide proper information to help consumers make proper product selections and lower their cognitive dissonance after the purchase.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ch. 18 - Sales Promotion and Personal Selling

  Johnson and Johnson has and I must say it will always win and keeping their loyalty to all of their broad major consumers. Whether its pharmacies, hospitals, consumers, retail stores, and all over the world, Johnson and Johnson has ways to keep their consumers buying and trusting; all through proper promotion. JnJ has so much products that are both used and trusted by their loyal consumers. Listerine is a product that is well used in oral hygiene, besides from well used; Johnson and Johnson gives coupons in which entitles consumers to an immediate price reduction when they buy this product or certain products. They even offer premiums to most of their own products. You buy certain product(s) or and get another product for free. All of their baby care products offer rebates. Since baby care products are so expensive and rapidly consumed and used they offer cash refunds given for these products; in other words, rebate. Johnson and Johnson also promote their sales online. They also offer coupons, free shipping and handling. It is quite obvious and reasonable why Johnson and Johnson are the leading human care in the nation and world.